My name is Zaytia and welcome to my Blog!

I have always loved makeup but have always struggled to find products and techniques that work on my skin. Because I have had such a struggle getting the products and techniques I see others use to work on my skin, I spent a lot of time trialling and adapting things to work for my skin. As I have had such difficulty finding reviews and tutorials that cater to my skin type specifically, I thought others might be in the same boat and benefit from my learnings and experiences. I had wanted to do it for a while but never found the time. When I got pregnant and stopped working it came naturally to me to do something I enjoyed to fill my days, and so Makeup with Zaytia was born.

Although I am not a formal makeup artist I have had some training when I was younger from a few formal makeup artists and also a short introduction course, but I have mainly learned through practise. And I have practised a lot!

I have very dehydrated skin. It is mostly normal but I do have some oily patches around my nose. The dehydration causes my skin to drink all of the moisture out of my foundation and I often end up with a very powdery, cracked look. I also have quite crêpey and slightly hooded eyes which cause all sorts of issues with certain eye looks. Despite knowing how to apply makeup for my skintype I am always wanting to try and achieve the incredible and interesting looks, techniques and fads I see around. My aim is always to find a way to make them work for me. I am still in search of the perfect, flawless base application too.

I am a kiwi girl living in the North Island of New Zealand. I enjoy all things makeup and fashion, cooking, baking and getting outdoors. When I’m not looking pretty I’m generally at the beach, fishing or hiking a mountain somewhere.

As I’m always on the lookout for tips and tricks for dehydrated skin please leave a comment or flick me an email letting me know what’s worked for you so I can try it out!